Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sorry for the delay, gamefly sent me Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles so I've been distracted. As for today I did Professor in trouble, and it wasn't pretty.

Unfortunately this mission only allows 5 members so my other human has to sit it out.
First thing I did was gather all my units around Auggie, nothing wrong with that Right?

Crap, well this isn't off to a good start. Just look at that blob grin. Freaking smug pile of goo.

Then is was Auggie's turn. Since I'm supposed to be saving him he will probably do something stupid fall off a cliff or

Be useful? Guess his AI must be faulty.


No hard feelings buddy?

But I never gave you a silver bow?

Damn, carry on then.
Monk vs Zombie take two.

Killed one slime with fire, more movement and great it is Auggie's turn again. Now it is time for him to be completely
Awesome? What the hell, he never needed me in the first place did he?
Okay Kilov your turn only one zombie left try and finish him off.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

There is a reason I prefer auto-save

Due to a problem (read I'm stupid and forgot to save) our white mage is now Smyth. Also say hello to our new bunny Annie.
Bought a Rising Sun so my white monk can start learning exorcism and a char bow for blackout.

Next mission is frosty mage. With any luck my white mage won't get eaten this time.

First youtube video, sound got a little screwed up with my speeding things up so might want to mute it. Will try to fix it for future videos. On another note I hate those red panthers, not looking forward to their blue brothers.
Also just a reminder this is my first blog and lets play, any suggestions are more than welcome.

Friday, April 8, 2011

That's not good...

Breezed through Fire! Fire! Thankfully they bombs chose to not self destruct. All that is left is to do is that easy snow missi-

Ah, crap first fatality.  RIP Ravel, I barely knew you.. then again that makes striping your corpse for gear less difficult I suppose.
Welcome Theodore, maybe I'll remember your name before some kitty eats you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Time for the tutorial level ugg.

How badly could this fight possibly go?

Uhh... sorry about that Mewt.

Fun Fact, did you know that Mewt's dad was really just a happy drunk in the original game?
Drunk = bad for children
Wallowing in sadness with a hint of self hatred = good for children

Then time to meat up with my crippled brother and unknowingly taunt him and trigger the world getting transformed...hold on a second.

Well that adds a new spin to things.

Bit of lizard calling later, first battle, Giza planes wasn't too interesting either so I'll save you from that and call it a day.

First up on the Let's Play

Hard Mode.
I somewhat remember not leaving my bed minus food and toilet for the first three days after I got this game. Problem was once you knew the gamebreakers it just felt too easy. So I've decided to do a bit of a nuzlockish run.
Rules for this run:
1. All clan members are considered dead when HP hits zero.
2. Any move that causes instant death does not count as a death, but they can not be revived either. (too
many craphole moves)
2.5 Angel rings are permitted, auto revive any other way is not. AFAIK only two are available so balanced.
3. Using instant death moves is also prohibited. This, like the above, includes stoning.
4. Any party entered into a battle must consist of at least one of each race.
5. One ability set must always reflect the original class of your clan member.
    Example: Archer joins, must always have archer skill on.
6. No duel wielding
7. Heros never die, so unless I get TPK the hero dying does not count. Jaggels are another thing entirely...

Have a rule you think I should add? Go ahead and post it.

Starting off

I've discovered I have a nasty habit of talking to myself, so I've figured why not make a blog?
Not quite sure how well this will go but my intent is to just somewhat ramble on about my thoughts, do a few hard-mode lets plays, review any games or shows I have been watching, and see if I can get any feedback.