Thursday, April 7, 2011

First up on the Let's Play

Hard Mode.
I somewhat remember not leaving my bed minus food and toilet for the first three days after I got this game. Problem was once you knew the gamebreakers it just felt too easy. So I've decided to do a bit of a nuzlockish run.
Rules for this run:
1. All clan members are considered dead when HP hits zero.
2. Any move that causes instant death does not count as a death, but they can not be revived either. (too
many craphole moves)
2.5 Angel rings are permitted, auto revive any other way is not. AFAIK only two are available so balanced.
3. Using instant death moves is also prohibited. This, like the above, includes stoning.
4. Any party entered into a battle must consist of at least one of each race.
5. One ability set must always reflect the original class of your clan member.
    Example: Archer joins, must always have archer skill on.
6. No duel wielding
7. Heros never die, so unless I get TPK the hero dying does not count. Jaggels are another thing entirely...

Have a rule you think I should add? Go ahead and post it.


  1. I'm playing the fifht one this days.

  2. Never cared for the main line of FF games. Only other one I played and somewhat enjoyed was FFCC and I could never beat the final boss. Tried FFT for the PS1 and got so confused I have up, think the game has 2x as many classes easy and three times the abilities. FFTA2 sucked.